Below are some subscriber feedback I’ve received since launching tradewithZEN in June 2012.

“Your watch list is fantastic, I’m absolutely sold on your system” ~ kurt

In regards to the quality of your service, I appreciate the market updates as these offer great insight into your strategy and the direction of your portfolio.  ~ Scott

I have been trading for a long time (25+years) most exchange listed markets in the US and abroad. I believe your service is among the top 3 in terms of delivering results. ~ Dimitri

I must say this is a great learning experience so far! ~ VJ

I use the computer on weekends to get access to the videos that you do.
The service that you provide is wonderful. Thank you.  ~ Debbie

Nicely done on ICPT.  Just paid for some unfortunately expensive car repairs.  Many thanks. ~ Stew

So between TIF, TWTR, and ICBT tradewithZEN has paid for itself for the next several years. Thank you Jeff! More importantly you’re teaching me to read charts in a far more accurate way than I previously knew how to. ~ @eagleeye049

All i know is you have provided the most “intimate” advice and mentoring any service offers. I could pay a million people to get in on their “members only info” or their “bull^%$# newsletters” but it’s not as personal as you have made this. ~Parker

Your work is most prescient! @azpat0

@tradewithzen Awesome timing. @wahetrader

Good call on PNK. I was able to get in at right time! ~Mahesh

So far I’m happy with the service. Pat yourself on the back because I can be a tough customer. :^) Lovin’ the charts. I am highly impressed with your method, the trades you’ve taken, and how you’ve managed them. You’ve been a treat to follow during a tricky October. ~Nan

After 2 months of being a subscriber, I just wanted to say thank you. Your trading methods have worked better for me than any other I have tried. @davuni67

Thanks for your great work. I typically use my own entry/exit but your watchlists now have me fishing in the right pond on a consistent basis, huge help. @ljasonclemson1

Learning a lot from you and am becoming more confident myself. The triggered stocks from your watchlist are performing great. Awesome service. Highly recommended. Thanks for the service! @romandtkvch

The service is really helping me come up with a trade style.  Nothing like tradewithzen out there.  @chartlearning

Loving the service so far, thanks for putting it together.  @tradnup

Appreciate the service, saves me time finding strong stocks. Keep up the good work. @rotorsky

After following TradewithZen for about a month now, I wanted to write you to say its a very informative and easy-to-follow product that definitely gave me new insight into the way you look at stocks with strength. I’ve always been more of an intermediate-term trader but seeing your 15- and 60-minute style, in addition to daily, has really benefitted me – especially having three likely opportunities to enter trades. Thank you for that and sharing your experience. @p_dot55

Really appreciating your service as it is making sense for me. Much appreciated!!  Your mentorship is much appreciated Jeff! @stutriplev

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